Up Your Arsenal Event

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Up Your Arsenal Event

Well, you asked for it... This long weekend, the opus of fan-favorite Coaly takes a new and inexpensive turn, with a free Coalsplitter Trinket simply for logging in! We're also easing everyone in to the brand new Arsenal Crates with a chance to get them in matches, and unleashing a limited-time Steam DLC containing two of our recently-tweaked Mercs. Check it all out below!

Event Duration

London (BST, UTC+1): 18:00 Thursday, May 26 - 18:00 Tuesday, May 31 Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 10:00 AM Thursday, May 26 - 10:00 AM Tuesday, May 31 Sydney (AEST, UTC+10): 3:00 AM Friday, May 27 - 3:00 AM Wednesday, June 1

Arsenal Crate Drops

Arsenal Crates are the hefty new reward for levelling up in Dirty Bomb, but we're throwing a few more into the mix! During the event, every Equipment Case drop you get from regular play has a 1 in 10 chance of arriving as a freshly stocked Arsenal Crate[dirtybomb.nexon.net], containing a Credit Boosters, an Expert Case, a wealth of Equipment Cases or even an Elite Case guaranteeing a Silver or better Loadout Card!

Coalsplitter Giveaway

Poor 'ole Coaly. He's been out of action since the "What the Dickens?" update, consigned to roaming social media. But no more! After community member Jesse's mashup, Coaly's been inspired to come out of retirement to honor the Rogue en Vogue Skullsplitter Trinket. He can be yours forever, simply by logging in at any point during the Up Your Arsenal event!

Coaly's also cheeky enough to have stolen the name of the legit Skullsplitter in the menu, along with the Rogue en Vogue obituary flair... Honestly, this is an unintended bug, which we'll be fixing with our next update - We had the option of delaying the event but decided against it to get the little guy to you as soon as we could. Enjoy this obituary flair while it lasts - we'll be swapping it for a Coaly-specific one with the fix.

Thunder and Lightning Pack on Steam

Thunder and Phantom may have been the butt of jokes from the other Mercs, but their newfound power in the Unlock and Load Update[dirtybomb.nexon.net] have them out for vengeance. From now until Tuesday, the revitalized Thunder and Phantom can be purchased together in the Thunder & Lightning Pack, two lethal Mercs plus the for the price of one! We've also thrown in a 3 Hour Credit Booster as a bonus, a $21.47 USD value for only $9.99 USD (or local equivalent)!

Check out the pack on the Steam Store now!

Case-a-Day May

Case-a-Day May is also running up until the end of the Up Your Arsenal event - Don't forget to play a match every day for a free Combined Expert Case!