Trinket Hunt Event has Begun

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The 'What the Dickens?' Trinket Hunt has begun! Dickens Event Cases could also appear under your figurative tree with this week's Drop the Dickens event. Read on for more -

Trinket Hunt

From now until January 13, you have the chance to earn up to three Limited Edition Trinkets simply by playing in matches. Be vigilant, as on January 13th all progress will be lost and any Trinkets not yet unlocked will disappear forever!

Lump 'o Coal (3 hours play time) - Don't let the inquisitive eyes and clever branding fool you, it really is just a lump of coal. Cute, though.

Olde Flashlight (+12 hours, 15 hours total) - For those ready to put in the hard yards. Apparently these things use oil instead of batteries!

Warm Snowman (+45 hours, 60 hours total) - The truly dedicated will be rewarded with the Warm Snowman. A reminder of mortality attached to a death-bringer - How ironic!

The Trinket Hunt event ends on January 13th at 18:00 GMT/UTC, 10 AM PST. Happy hunting!

Drop the Dickens Event

For the next week, Dickens Event Cases, guaranteeing a 'What the Dickens?' Loadout Card, will randomly drop to lucky players. Keep your eyes peeled when you complete matches - it could be you!

The Drop the Dickens event ends on December 30th at 18:00 GMT/UTC, 10 AM PST.