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Map type: MISSING
Filename: MISSING
Strategic Info
Objectives: MISSING
Secondary: 0
Ammo Boxes: Objective Ammo Box.png x0
Mounted Guns: Objective MG.png x0

Template-info.png Documentation
{{ MapInfobox
| name             = map name
| filename         = map filename, eg Chapel = obj_whitechapel
| previewimage     = image of the map, preferably an in-game screenshot of a recognisable landmark/part of the map. Input format is filename.png
| map-type         = Objective, Execution (stopwatch kind of redundant with objective)
| map-objectives   = LIST of attacker's primary objectives
| map-secondary    = NUMBER of secondary objectives (def: 0)
| map-ammoboxes    = number of ammo boxes on the map (def: 0)
| map-mountedguns  = number of mounted guns (MGs) on the map (def: 0)

Also adds the page to the maps category.

This is significantly derived from the official TF2 wiki's map infobox. I'm a bit of a wiki newb though so it could possibly use some revision. - Lolnubcake (talk) 06:41, 6 January 2016 (UTC)