Summer Squash Update - Part I

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With our mission set to fix bugs ahead of working on features and complex events, we've been squashing 'em left and right. This patch is the first result of us tweaking under the hood to address issues that have been in the game for some time.  We're already well into working on the second Summer Squash release, so bear in mind that there are plenty more fixes to come! For now, read on to see what's already been sorted. 

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed bug where Carryable Objective could be duplicated when swapping weapons
  • Fixed bug where overtime could give incorrect results in Stopwatch Mode
  • Fixed bug where active C4 could fall through geometry
  • Fixed bug where inactivity could result in spammed Vote Kick calls; a single vote will now be triggered
  • Fixed bug where you would be unable to call another Vote for 5 mins after automatically triggering a Vote Kick against yourself due to inactivity 
  • Fixed bug where the game did not message to players that another player had been kicked for inactivity
  • Fixed bug where Ammo and Med Packs could get stuck inside geometry
  • Fixed bug where shooting deployables or destructible secondary objectives counted as misses for Accuracy in the Profile page
  • Fixed bug where Skyhammer would not count as getting Airstrike kills if he died before the Airstrike came down
  • Fixed bug where Airstrikes could be called down indoors at certain spots
  • Fixed bug where Proximity Mines could disappear when dropped on an enemy
  • Fixed bug where using Healing Pulse would not grant any usage XP unless it affected a teammate
  • Improved how explosives disperse Molotov flames
  • Fixed bug where AFK/Idle Vote could be automatically triggered when interacting with an objective without moving
  • Fixed bug where 'Returning Carryable' text could still display after a match had ended
  • Fixed bug where UI elements could overlap in Execution Mode
  • Fixed bug where C4 indicator would show above an enemy Phantom in line of sight if he had Refractive Armor active in Execution Mode
  • Fixed bug where the revive visual effect would not be aligned with the dummy in the tutorial
  • Fixed bug where players were able to shoot through pipes in Underground

Ranked Mode

  • Fixed bug where a matchmaking lobby could incorrectly be disbanded, with the message 'One or more players failed to join the lobby in time'
  • Fixed bug where players could get stuck in a looping message when trying to leave a Party
  • Fixed bug where the Party Chat Box would cut off long messages
  • Fixed bug where some Friendly Fire penalties were not applying
  • Fixed bug where Clan Tags would not appear in lobbies
  • Fixed bug where players invited to a Party were not notified if the Party was full
  • Fixed bug where client could crash if the game was exiting via console while matchmaking
  • Fixed bug where joining players could be listed as '[unknown]'
  • Fixed bug where a friendly fire enabled Proximity Mine would not correctly attribute damage to the owner

User Interface

  • Fixed bug where Lobby Chat messages could sometimes not display in the seconds before a match begins
  • Fixed bug where Mission information would sometimes not display in the notifications dropdown
  • Fixed bug where the Lobby Chat Box would not scroll down automatically when new messages were posted
  • Updated the Win/Loss/Draw animations to be smaller and at the bottom of the screen
  • Fixed bug where Badges earned at the end of a match would not display
  • Fixed bug where players could pretend to send messages as the server
  • Fixed bug where selection highlight in the Barracks was missing
  • Fixed bug where the XP Earned in the Profile section would display incorrect values
  • Fixed bug where Lobby text would incorrectly say 'Match starts in...' for matches already in progress
  • Fixed several grammar and punctuation errors
  • Add missing "Quick Chat" key binding to frontend settings panel
  • Add missing "Auto Reload" setting to frontend settings panel
  • Fixed bug where clan tags would not appear in lobbies
  • Fixed bug where landing screen feature image would sometimes flicker across other screens
  • Fixed various casual and ranked matchmaking bugs that would cause matchmaking to fail
  • Fixed bug where lobby would incorrectly say "WAITINGFORLOADOUTS" instead of the correct text
  • Fixed bug where XP displayed in profile screen would not match XP in other parts of the UI


  • Adjusted audio mix so that enemy footsteps are more audible than friendly footsteps
  • Fixed bug where Merc dialogue would sometimes play at an incorrect volume level
  • Fixed bug where incorrect music could play in relation to match state


  • Added 'Animation Quality' video setting, to help with performance
  • Fixed bug where ThreadSync was enabled when any video preset was changed, affecting performance

Known Issues

  • On Execution loading screens there is debug text for the number of rounds
  • Trainyard (Stopwatch): The Deliverable Container Doors will occasionally fail to open at the third objective. This issue is purely a visual issue and does not impede the offense in delivering the objective.

Credits Boosters

We're changing Credits Boosters for good, cutting prices across the board to make give you a much better bang for your buck.  

Pricing changes 

  • 1h Credits Booster – Removed entirely from Store and Arsenal Crates (if you have one already, it'll still work as before)
  • 3h Credits Booster – Reduced to $0.79 (from $1.49)
  • 6h Credits Booster – Reduced to $1.49 (from $2.99)
  • 12h Credits Booster – Reduced to $2.49 (from $5.99)
  • 18h Credits Booster – Reduced to $3.49 (from $7.99)

Arsenal Crate Changes

Alongside cheaper boosters, we're removing some of the lower value items from Arsenal Crates to make them more valuable overall. If you open any unopened Arsenal Crates after the patch is live, they will update to the new version automatically. 

Removed from Arsenal Crates 

  • 1h Credit Booster
  • 3h Credits Booster
  • 5x Equipment Cases