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These Steam Achievements can be obtained on Steam by meeting the criteria of the achievement

Image Achievement Name Description
Lvl2.PNG Level Up! Achieve account level 2
Sprayer.PNG Sprayer Earn a first kill with an Automatic weapon
Helmet, off.PNG Helmet, Off Earn a kill with a headshot.
Victory.PNG Victory! Win your first multiplayer match
Operator.PNG Operator Unlock a Merc
Doctor.PNG Doctor Revive a team mate
Missionary.PNG Missionary Complete a Mission
Level5.PNG Level Up! Achieve account level 5
ClickBait.PNG Click Bait Earn a first kill with a Semi-Automatic weapon
Horder.PNG Horder Deliver a round of ammo to a team mate
GunnerAchieve.PNG Gunner Earn a first kill with Shotguns
Shanker.PNG Shanker Earn a first melee kill
JobOnTheSide.PNG Job On the Side Complete a secondary objective
Nurse.PNG Nurse Deliver a unit of health to a team mate
Marksman.PNG Marksman Earn a first kill with Sniper Rifles
Headburst.PNG Headburst Earn a first kill with a Burst-fire weapon
MovingOnUp.PNG Moving On Up Trade up for a Loadout card*
LevelUp!.PNG Level Up! Achieve account level 10

* : Due to the implementation of the crafting system and the removal of the Trade up-feature this achievement is currently unobtainable.