Scheduled Hotfix Changes - July 14th, 2016

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The following changes were made during the July 14th maintenance:

Server Changes

  • To help in keeping similarly skilled players together in the time between now and the launch of Casual Matchmaking, we've decided to alter the way our servers are set up:
  • Max Level 5 Servers are being changed to Max Level 6, and are now 7v7 only
  • This increases the likelihood that players who have not yet unlocked Ranked Mode will be in their own pool
  • Unrestricted Servers are now all 7v7 or 8v8
  • All Min-Level 10/20 servers remain 6v6 Only
  • This increases the likelihood of joining a Min-Level 10 or 20 server when using Quick Join for 6v6

Quick Join Unlock Changes

  • Alongside these server changes, we've also updated the Quick Join option to unlock features at these levels:
  • Unlocking the Max Player 7v7 and 8v8 options at Level 7
  • Unlocking the Max Player 6v6 option at Level 10