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Red Eye Update


New MercĀ : Red Eye

Balance Changes


  • Increased Artillery Strike Damage and AoE Radius by ~15%
  • Reduced Artillery targeting time to 266 ms (from 400 ms)


  • Bullets will no longer pass through players with this weapon
  • Increased magazine size to 11 (from 9)
  • Reduced rate of fire to 180 RPM (from 200 RPM)
  • Reduced recoil when firing while scoped

Dreiss AR

  • Reduced rated of fire to 300 RPM (from 360 RPM)
  • Reduced maximum bullet spread by ~20%

Cricket Bat

  • Sped up melee attack speed with the Cricket Bat by ~5%

Bug Fixes and Other Changes


  • Reduced the amount of XP required for 3-Star Game Mode Merc Missions to 7,500 (from 13,500)

User Interface

  • Added in a new, animated 'spotted' icon for enemy indicators
  • Spectator scoreboard now uses correct spectator team colors
  • Quick Chat from other players using different languages now shows up in the clients language
  • Sorting Loadout Cards by date acquired now works correctly


  • Fixed some issues with the Stark AR reload animation
  • Most Mercs now hold the Cricket Bat two-handed in third person
  • Made the PDA tool visible when fast-arming C4


  • Fixed issues where certain melee attacks were using knife sounds incorrectly
  • Added sound effects for the elevators in Underground
  • General character bark fixes for exertions and kill spree dialogue
  • Updated the Voting interface audio
  • Added Unlock Audio for Cobalt Loadout Cards
  • Improved the Health Pack healing audio

General Gameplay

  • Fixed bug where weapons would sometimes not fire if the button was pressed a fraction before the weapon raise animation completed
  • Fixed Mechanic Augment not being as effective as it should have been
  • Slightly reduced the interaction range for Carryable Objectives
  • Resolved issues where any deployable station would not update team colors when changing team
  • Added Sight Sensitivity Scale value in the options menu
  • The default setting of 0 will scale sensitivity as before
  • A value of 1 will not reduce sensitivity at all when ironsighting
  • Fixed bug where completing Secondary Objectives wouldn't always count towards the Mission


  • Her Health Packs now restore more health when she has the Potent Packs Augment
  • Sparks' REVIVR will no longer damage friendly deployables


  • Sticky Bombs thrown at a player's feet will no longer pin them to the ground


  • Turrets can no longer be placed inside other Turrets


  • Explodydendron Augment now works correctly with Skyhammer's Airstrike ability


  • The Orbital Laser now correctly respects friendly fire rules


  • Fixed bug with team-identification glows around Proximity Mines

Known Issues

  • Parties: Until fixed, these issues can be worked around by restarting a party
  • Party leaders are unable to search for a match after completing a matchmaking match
  • Party leader will occasionally be unable to invite after searching for a match and then canceling the search
  • If a member is kicked or leaves while searching for a match, the party cannot search for a new match
  • Redeye: IR Goggles occasionally fail to activate when first joining a new server
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