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GameMode Execution.png

In Execution Mode, teams are trying to win the most out of 12 rounds. To win a round the attacking team needs to eliminate all enemy players or bomb one of the objectives; for the defenders to win the round, they have to stop them. Once six rounds have been played, the teams swap.

Game rules

Each match consists of, at most, 12 rounds. The match finishes once one team has won 7 rounds. If each team wins 6 rounds, it is declared a draw. Each round lasts for 2:00. A round is won if:


  • The attackers kill all of the defenders
  • The attackers destroy one of the two objectives


  • The defenders kill all the attackers and no C4 is currently active
  • The defenders defuse a planted C4 before it goes off
  • The round time expires

Individual rounds cannot end in a draw.

Match Rules

Unlike in regular game modes, not everyone can plant C4; just one bomb spawns, and only the player who has it can plant it. The bomb spawns at the beginning of each round on an attacking player, typically a higher-scorer or an engineer. If C4 is not planted at one of the bomb sites before the timer expires, the defending team wins the round. The C4 can only be planted once, and the other bomb site becomes disabled once it is planted.

Once killed, players do not respawn until the next round. Players that are incapacitated but not finished can still be revived or helped up to continue fighting.


The objective HUD is in the top left of the screen and shows:

Execution Mode.png

  • The round timer
  • The round number
  • The number of players alive on each team
  • The number of rounds won by each team
  • If the bomb has been planted
  • The bomb's fuse progress