Fine Tuning Update - Feb 2016

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We hope you like graphs... You'll uncover no less than five of them with your scrolling method of choice, giving context to the many changes that have gone into this balance-focused Fine Tuning update! Read on for more...

Balance Changes

We've been running our datafingers through all of the gameplay balance stats from the December and January period.

Through reading your feedback and analysing the data we've identified several spots for balancing out of Mercs, Weapons and Augments.

Along with general game balance, which we try to adjust in small steps, the main goals of this update are:

   To make Thunder more viable in higher level play
   Address a few of the more overpowered Augments
   Move the Machine Pistols away from SMG's and more into secondary / pistol territory
Gameplay balance data dec 2015 - jan 2016.jpg



   Reduced Kira's movement speed by ~2% to a maximum sprint speed of 8.8m/s (from 9.0m/s)
   When aimed at a wall, Orbital Lasers will now be called down slightly further away from that wall


   Reduced Grenade Launcher inner damage radius to 32cm (from 64cm)
       Direct hit damage remains the same, as does outer damage radius (4.16m)


   Increased maximum Healing Pulse healing given to teammates to 100hp (from 80hp)


   Increased hitbox sizes by ~2.5% so Redeye now matches Mercs like Skyhammer or Stoker


   Increased Minigun spin-up time by ~150ms
   Reduced Minigun maximum bullet spread by ~10%


   Amount of revive health provided by the REVIVR now gradually reduces over distance, matching the damage falloff


   Reduced direct hit Molotov Grenade explosive damage to 35 (from 50)


   Reduced Concussion Grenade cooldown to 15s (from 17s)
   Increased Concussion Grenade maximum stun duration to 7s (from 6s)
   Increased Concussion Grenade stun radius to 8m (from 7.36m)
   Increased Concussion Grenade deployable scramble radius to 8m (from 7.36m)


   Increased health to 110hp (from 100hp)
   Reduced Heartbeat Sensor cooldown to 17s (from 20s)



   No longer impacts Rhino's Minigun overheat time


   Now gives a 40% increase to Minigun barrel acceleration (from 50%)

Quick Charge

   Now gives a 15% increase to REVIVR charge rate (from 25%) 



   Reduced Sniper Rifle Scope sway by ~10%
   Sniper Rifle Scopes now blur a little when jumping to communicate the increased bullet spread
   Reduced maximum spread when in the jumping-ironsight state to make things feel more consistent

BR-16 AR

   Increased vertical recoil by ~10%

Dreiss AR

   Reduced horizontal recoil by ~10%
   Reduced maximum spread ~10%

Grandeur SR

   Increased magazine size to 13 rounds (from 12)
   Reduced recoil by ~10%
   Reduced maximum spread by ~10%

K-121 LMG

   Reduced starting spread by ~10%

Mk46 LMG

   Reduced reload time to 3.2s (from 4.1s)
   Reduced maximum spread by ~10%
   Reduced horizontal recoil by ~10%


   Increased magazine size to 11 rounds (from 10)
   Increased recoil by ~15%

Stark AR

   Increased bullet spread by ~10%
   Increased horizontal recoil by ~10%

Blishlok SMG

   Reduced maximum spread by ~5%
   Increased damage falloff starting range to 19m (from 18m)
   Increased damage falloff maximum range to 38m (from 36m) 

Crotzni SMG

   Reduced damage falloff starting range to 18m (from 19m)
   Reduced damage falloff maximum range to 36m (from 38m)

Hochfir SMG

   Reduced starting spread by ~15%

Caulden Pistol

   Increased magazine size to 8 rounds (from 7)
   Reduced bullet spread by ~5%
   Reduced recoil by ~5%

DE.50 Pistol

   Reduced starting spread by ~10%
   Reduced recoil by ~10%


   Reduced magazine size to 35 (from 40)
   Reduced damage falloff starting range to 12m (from 14m)
   Reduced damage falloff maximum range to 24m (from 28m)
   Reduced minimum damage at max range to 4 (from 5)
   Increased horizontal recoil by ~10%

M9 Pistol

   Reduced damage falloff starting range to 14m (from 16m)
   Reduced damage falloff maximum range to 28m (from 32m)

MP 400

   Reduced magazine size to 25 (from 30)
   Reduced minimum damage at max range to 6 (from 7)

Remburg 7 Shotgun

   Increased rate of fire to 90RPM (from 86RPM)

Simeon .357 Revolver

   Reduced recoil by ~5%

Smjüth & Whetsman .40

   Increased recoil by ~10%

Tølen MP

   Reduced magazine size to 30 (from 35)
   Reduced minimum damage at max range to 5 (from 6)

Bug Fixes

   Fixed bug where Health Packs could sink into the floor
   Fixed bug where more than one C4 could be planted on a single Objective
   Fixed several collision bugs on Dome