Fine Tuning Update

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JULY 22nd - r

Balance Changes

General Gameplay

  • Reduced the amount of kick when receiving damage, to compensate for the recent update to view-kick functionality
  • Players will now only spawn in game after choosing a Merc, once a map is loaded
  • Deployables are now easier to place in tighter spaces


  • Reclaiming a Sticky Bomb now only returns 50% of the cooldown



Fixed bug where pressing '4' could cause a Frag Grenade to be thrown


  • Phantom's health has been lowered to 110hp (from 120hp)
  • Refractive Armor maximum recharge time increased to 10s (from 6s)
  • Taking damage that exceeds remaining Refractive Armor energy will now also eat into health
  • Heartbeat Sensor detection no longer disables Refractive Armor, but will still spot Phantom
  • Refractive Armor no longer prevents gas damage from eating into health
  • Refractive Armor is now slightly more visible when Phantom is moving
  • Cloaking/de-cloaking audio is now more audible to other players


  • REVIVR now deals the correct amount of damage to objectives
  • REVIVR battery now begins draining immediately, rather than when minimum charge is reached
  • Increased the rate at which the REVIVR battery is depleted while charging shots by 10%
  • Enemy REVIVR shots are now seen as orange in-game

Ranged Weapons

  • 70px K-121 Machine Gun - Reduced spread and recoil by ~5%
  • 70px PDP-70 Automatic Sniper Rifle - This will no longer insta-gib players if it kills with a headshot
  • 70px KEK-10 - Bullet spread now increases ~7% faster than before while firing
  • 70px Crotzni - Bullet spread now increases ~10% faster than before while firing

Melee Weapons

  • Added a turn-speed-limit for melee attacks to prevent exploits and to reward initial aim. This will be fine-tuned based on player feedback and metrics
  • 70px Cricket Bat : Reduced run speed when equipped by 2.5%
  • Katana.png Katana :
    • Reduced run speed when equipped by 2.5%
    • Secondary attacks now deal damage for a shorter period of time


  • Chopper.png Chopper Augment melee damage bonus reduced to +15% (down from +20%)
  • Lock on.png Lock-On Augment now correctly reduces Turret lock-on times
  • Steady.png Steady Augment now correctly adds health to all deployables
  • Flying Pig.png Flying Pig Augment now correctly negates all fall damage

Game Improvements


  • Reworked the in-game Mission system
    • XP Mission values updated so Game Mode and Support are now quicker to complete
    • Removed 'Win X Matches' missions as they were incentivizing unbalanced matches
    • Added new missions for Competitive Matches, the Execution Game Mode and Secondary Objectives
    • Updated Merc missions to be based around earning the appropriate XP type instead of playing 'X' matches
  • Clamped a number of video settings to address exploits, such as completely disabling particle effects
  • Updated the auto-detect settings when the game is first run to apply more appropriate graphics presets (High, Med, Low)
  • Updated the Competitive Matchmaking algorithm so it spends more time searching for players of closer skill-ratings

User Interface

  • Added Steam related options to the right click drop down panel on the scoreboard
  • Updates to the Spectator HUD:
    • Minimap now increases in size and shows all players with the correct team colors
    • Chat has been moved to the top left and players names are also correctly colored
    • Objective HUD is now positioned in the centre

Visual Effects

  • Improved the visual effects when Phantom is shot while his Refractive Armor is active
  • Updated the effects when a player is revived with defibs/REVIVR
  • Updated the REVIVR firing and impact effects
  • Improved the Katana trail effects
  • Made the Orbital Strike effects a little more impressive
  • Updated Skyhammer's Airstrike explosion effects


  • Added new firing audio for the Blishlok SMG
  • Tweaked footstep audio volume and falloff to make them more audible
  • Improved the mix for all weapon audio, including slightly quieter surface impacts
  • Frag Grenade bounces are now slightly louder when in range
  • Added exertion audio for Sparks when she is incapacitated or killed
  • Added glass sounds for large and medium windows

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where players could be stuck after being revived
  • Fix for players sometimes not seeing the MM ranking in the game overview screen
  • Optimized UI code to aid Minimap performance
  • Removed the silencer from the Selbstadt .40 Pistol icon
  • Fixed several issues with Mounted Gun audio