Fine Tuning 4

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New Feature: Loadout Trade-In (Beta)

The new Loadout Trade-In system will let you trade in three cards of the same rarity, from Bronze through Cobalt, for a random Loadout Card for the Merc of your choice at the same rarity.

Rarity Bronze Silver Gold Cobalt
Credit Cost 1,400 3,200 7,200 24,000

At the moment, Loadout Cards can not be traded in for cards of the same Merc - A future update will contain this functionality. Apart from that, any of your owned Loadout Cards can be traded in, putting those unwanted cards to good use.

5 Player Private Matches

After getting a lot of feedback on Private Matches, we're reducing the minimum players required to allow teams of 5 or more to jump into a server to train together!

Removed Secondary Objective Missions

Balance Changes

General Gameplay

Reduced the amount of view kick players get when receiving small amounts of damage by ~10%


Slightly reduced the amount of time it takes to switch from Healing Pulse to other items


A Smoke Grenade's Smoke Cloud now requires more than one explosion to be dispersed, regardless of the damage of each explosion


  • Increased Sticky Bomb detonation time to 0.5s (up from 0.366s)
  • With the Lock-On Augment's 30% faster detonation, time is 0.35s (up from 0.256s)
  • Sticky Bombs can no longer be detonated by enemy fire for 0.2s after being thrown


Reduced Proximity Mine cooldown to 25s (down from 30s)

Hollunds 880

Increased rate of fire to 90 RPM (up from 86)

Dreiss AR

Reduced horizontal recoil by ~10%

Blishlok SMG

  • Increased effective range to 19m (up from 18m)
  • Reduced reload time to 1.8s (down from 1.9s)

Other Changes

User Interface

The scoreboard now displays the current Server Name While typing into a chat box in the main menu, the Console will not longer inadvertently appear if the bound key is pressed Made several optimizations to HUD performance Added personal Score Per Minute and KDR to the End Game Review screen Spectator View now auto-switches away from killed players Increased Warmup Time back to 20s, as some players were unable to connect in time Reduced End Game Review to 20s (down from 25s) Increased Map Voting time to 20s (up from 15s)


  • Fixed a few issues with the Grandeur SR reload animation
  • Improved the Iron-Sight positioning while firing the Grandeur SR


  • Hit Beeps are now Enabled by default. These can be disabled in the Audio / Notifications option in the menu, and existing players should not see their settings change with this update
  • Body-shot Hit Beeps have been made more distinct
  • Added audio when a Credit Booster is activate
  • Added mouse-over and click sounds to several buttons in the Main Menu
  • Added VO lines for when a Merc is firing a Mounted Machine Gun
  • Adding audio confirmation for incapacitated players
  • Assorted improvements to the overall audio mix

General Gameplay

  • Significantly reduced the collision around Mounted Machine Guns
  • Pressing Q to deploy an item in an invalid location will now switch back to the previously equipped item, rather than leaving the deployable in-hand
  • Fixed bug where Health Insurance XP was granted if you healed an enemy player
  • Added new player missions for players at level 3 and below, to better teach the basics of the game


Fixed bug where Refractive Armor would not always be disabled if in-use while placing a deployable item (such as C4)


The "Potent Packs" Augment now correctly increases Healing Pulse's healing by 20%


Fixed bug where IR Goggles could sometimes not be selected with Q


The REVIVR battery will no longer drain faster than intended when using the "Quick Charge" augment


Adjusted slash damage timings so that off-screen targets will no longer be hit

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hit detection issues when shooting deployable objects
  • Fixed a bug where player models could become stretched while using a Mounted Machine Gun