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Map type: Objective
Filename: OBJ_Dome
Strategic Info
Objectives: Delivery, Deploy C4 on Pylons A or B, Deploy C4
Secondary: 6
Ammo Boxes: Objective Ammo Box.png x6 ?
Mounted Guns: Objective MG.png x5 ?

Dome is a large Objective/Stopwatch map featuring 3 objectives.

Objective 1

Dome 1.jpg
Objective 1 requires the Attackers to carry two Datacores from the helicopter near their spawn to a radar tower. Standing in their way, aside from the opposing team, are two gates that block direct routes to the Objective, and can be opened by blowing up nearby generators. As with other Delivery objectives, players carrying the object cannot use their abilities or weapons without dropping it, although it can be used as an improvised melee weapon if needed.

Objective 2

Dome 2.jpg
Objective 2 is made up of two bomb sites. The attackers must successfully plant on one of them, with the defenders trying to stop them. Attackers can also open up additional routes through the objective by raising a ramp towards a rooftop, or fixing a forklift to do much the same. Only one of the bomb sites must be destroyed in order to trigger the next objective.

Objective 3

Dome 3.jpg
Objective 3 is another Bomb objective, requiring the attackers to plant a bomb on an anti-aircraft gun. There's a few dozen paths through the area, and more can be activated by destroying two doors along the main path. Once the bomb is detonated, the Attackers have won the map.