Dickensday: Winter's Meme Event

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Dickensday: Winter's Meme Event

An ode to Dickens Village


Before the dirty bomb attack,

Commercial Road was right on track

To make a frankly strapping stack

Of cash

Charles Dickens' birth inspired the place

That sprung a 'village' to showcase

A range of products that embraced

His work

From earnest stores that sold his books

To plastic knick-knacks pawned by crooks

The sorry lot was sorely shook

By fate

But Dickens Village is still there

For Mercs to reminisce and share

Their stories in the Winter's air

Just once a year

This night

Winter's Meme Trinket Hunt

'Dickens' themed keychains of popular Internet memes once saw the light of day in Dickens Village.


Were the products not up to standard? Or had the target market been misread entirely? We may never know, but most of the stock remains untouched to this day. Their net loss is your gain, however - Discover four Limited Edition Trinkets before January the 11th!

Earn 'Humbugs', a limited time currency, by playing in matches, and use them to unlock Limited Edition Trinkets in the Dickens Shop.

When the event ends, your remaining Humbugs will be converted into Credits at a rate of 1:1.

Ice Coal'd - 300 Humbugs

Merc-favorite Coaly returns, in a decidedly frigid state.


What froze the anthropomorphized anthracite? Dickens knows...

Penny Frogging - 1000 Humbugs

An unlikely hero leapt from the ashes of seismic 2016, spreading chill vibes and cheer.


Now he's in a waistcoat.

Illuminatree - 3500 Humbugs

In a world where privacy is an antiquity, remind yourself of your own stark, naked form, illuminated against the headlights of hidden power.


Dapper Doge

Once you've unlocked the three previous Trinkets, you can nab the Dapper Doge Trinket for free!


This gormless mutt bursts forth in fleurescent comic sans gimmickry with a yuletide howl when you inspect it. Kills you make with the Dapper Doge equipped are also highlighted in the obituaries for all players.

Winter's Meme Daily Cases


Log in once a day to get a free Golden Equipment Case.

The chances of getting a Gold Loadout Card in one of these babies is more than four times greater than a standard Equipment Case!


The Winter's Meme event will take place on the following dates:

London (GMT, UTC): 18:00, Wednesday, December 14th - 18:00, Wednesday, January 11th

Los Angeles (PST): 10:00 AM, Wednesday, December 14th - 10:00 AM, Wednesday, January 11th

Sydney (AEDT): 5:00 AM, Thursday, December 15th - 5:00 AM, Thursday, January 12th

Private Matches

Private Matches have been tweaked, and have now been re-enabled. Jump in and get scrimming to skill up before the next Ranked Season!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that caused the game to crash during the map load screen
  • Fixed bug where Carryable Objectives were not returning to their spawn point after not being interacted with
  • Fixed bug where dismounting an MG could cause the player to switch to an ability that was on cooldown
  • Fixed bug where players could exploit the melee system to cause damage to all players on the server
  • Fixed bug where players running with Minimal settings saw much larger blood spurts when shooting others
  • Fixed bug where the player who planted the C4 sometimes wasn't mentioned in the objective notification when it detonated
  • Fixed bug with updating players' skill ratings after a match