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Attention Dirty Bomb players,

The following changes were made during the December 1st Hotfix Maintenance:

Thunder Concussion Grenades -Removed 'cooking' from Concussion Grenades
-Reduced fuse time to 1.6s (from 2.0s)
-Reduced throw-cancel cooldown cost to 4s (from 8s)
-Increased movement stun radius to 368u (from 240u)
-Looking away from Concussion Grenades now dramatically reduces the duration of the blinding effect
-Team-mates now receive a much shorter blinding-effect when Friendly Fire is Off
-The duration of the blinding effect now correctly scales down over distance
-The severity of the movement stun effect now correctly scales down over distance
-The movement stun effect now gradually recovers over time
-Removed the mouse sensitivity reduction from the stun effect
-Dynamic objects like secondary objective doors now correctly block effects

Bug Fixes
-Fixed bug where the 'Welcome to Dirty Bomb' pop-up would show for existing players
-Fixed bug with invisible ramp in the Overground map
-Fixed bug where player movement could desynchronise when using the Quick-Eye augment
-Fixed bug where a destroyed Turret could begin firing again after being disabled by a Concussion Grenade
-Removed several blockout maps from the game files