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Start stockpiling Loadout Cards like a paranoid moneygrubber! On Thursday 25th of August, Crafting Week will kick off for a full week of bonuses to help you make as many powerful cards as you can. Here's what's going down -

Crafting Week

  • London (BST, UTC+1): 18:00 Thursday, August 25 - 18:00 Thursday, September 1
  • Los Angeles (PDT, UTC-7): 10:00 AM Thursday, August 25 - 10:00 AM Thursday, September 1
  • Sydney (AEST, UTC+10): 3:00 AM Friday, August 26 - 3:00 AM Friday, September 2

MercSERV Crate Drops


For every day you Log In, you'll get a shiny new MercSERV Crate to aid you in your Crafting Quest.

Each MercSERV Crate contains one of the following crafting items:

  • 1x Crafting Kit
  • 1x Weapon Kit
  • 5x Crafting Kits
  • 5x Equipment Cases
  • 5x Weapon Kits
  • Elite Case A
  • Elite Case B

Increased Fragments When Recycling


Throughout Crafting Week, recycling Loadout Cards will grant you at least 20% additional Fragments. 

Rarity Current Value Crafting Week Value
Lead 15 20
Iron 45 55
Bronze 135 165
Silver 540 660
Gold 2,150 2,620
Cobalt 13,000 15,720

Reduced Fragments cost when Crafting


Whenever you Craft a Loadout Card during Crafting Week, the Fragment cost will be reduced by ~20%.

Rarity Credits OR

Crafting Kits

Current Fragments to Craft Crafting Week Fragments
Iron 500 N/A 45 35
Bronze 1,500 N/A 165 130
Silver 5,000 1 700 550
Gold 25,000 5 2,500 1,950
Cobalt 50,000 10 20,000 15,720

Combined with these reduced Crafting Costs, Recycling a Cobalt Loadout Card will give you enough Fragments to Craft a new one for the price of Credits alone!

Reduced Crafting Kit Cost


We're also reducing the cost of Crafting Kits in the Store by ~40% during Crafting Week, which will allow you to Craft on the cheap while saving your Credits.

Item Bulk Discount Rate Value Current Price Event Price Event Discount
1x Crafting Kit 0 $0.99 $0.99 $0.59 ~40%
5x Crafting Kits ~9% $4.95 $4.49 $2.49 ~45%
10x Crafting Kits 

(best value)

~19% $9.90 $7.99 $4.49 ~44%

With all this happening in less than a week, you'll want to spend the next few days wisely and load up on as many Loadout Cards as possible!