Bug Fixing Update - March, 2016

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Proxy and the engineers are in charge of Wednesday's Bug Fixing Update, as the team steers the Dirty Bomb ship towards a big event that will accompany the next Feature Update. Keep your eyes open - early info could come from the most unlikely of sources.

Check out the list of fixes -

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Mines and Packs would not always be thrown correctly
  • Fixed bug where Daily Play bonuses did not display correctly
  • Fixed bug where the Merc selection HUD at the top of the screen would sometimes fail to update
  • Fixed bug where players only had 25s to select Mercs in Ranked lobbies
  • Fixed bug where Rank icons did not appear during the end game review
  • Fixed bug where the game could remain indefinitely Paused
  • Fixed bug where Private Matches did not have Asia or Australia servers as an available option