Aimee's Final Hunt

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Aimee's hit-list has been narrowed to four prime suspects: the mine-happy mechanic Proxy, the upper-class firebrand Stoker, the meticulous marksman Vassili and the explosive hardballer Fletcher.

After four weeks of data-trawling, Aimee's hacker-fingers are on fire, speeding up the unlock process in this final week of the Rogue en Vogue event!

Doubled Cycles

You'll get double the amount of Cycles after every match, making it easier to get the Trinkets and Cases you want!

Cheaper Boosters

All four kinds of Rogue en Vogue Event Cases will be dropping to lucky players in-game. The best way to improve your chances of getting one is through Drop Boosters - This week, the Cycle cost of Drop Boosters has been reduced to 750 Cycles, a 40% cut that makes it easier to grab all ten Boosters needed for the best odds of claiming an Event Case. And claiming an Event Case has become even faster...

Event Case Drop Chance Increased

The drop chances of Event Cases, containing Limited Edition Suspect Loadout Cards, has been slightly increased for this final week. With an increase to the maximum drop chance and the drop chance scaling faster to match, you'll see Event Cases drop more often as the event comes to a close, although you'll still want to stack on 10 Drop Boosters for the best chance possible.

For more information on the mechanics behind the Rogue en Vogue Event Case drops, please see our Drop Boosters Explained forum post.

All Four Suspect Cases Available

In this final week, you can purchase all four Suspect Equipment Cases through Aimee's phone, and all four Suspect Elite Cases in the Store. It's your last chance to get the Loadout Card for the Merc you want!

End of the Event

In a week's time, the Merc most-taken in Squads will be named the Culprit.

If you have any active Drop Boosters and haven't yet received a Suspect Event Case, they will be converted back to Cycles.

Any remaining Cycles you have will then be converted back to Credits at a reduced rate of 1 Credit per Cycle, so make sure to spend as many Cycles as you can before the end of the week.

In an update following the event, your Culprit Case and Obsidian Culprit Case will be openable!

Time is running out for the Culprit... Get in-game and start influencing the outcome!